• Bochnia Salt Mine Health Resort

    About the Mine

The historic Bochnia Salt Mine is the oldest mine in Poland where rock salt mining began. Its origins date back to 1284. After nearly eight centuries of exploitation, it resembles an unusual underground city, delightful with unique goafs, chapels carved in salt rocks and original sculptures and equipment used centuries ago. These days, the interior of the mine is made available, accompanied by modern multimedia techniques through which visitors can explore in a very attractive way the cultural and historical heritage of underground workings.
The extraordinary scenery and uniqueness of the mine were appreciated by UNESCO World Heritage Committee experts,and on June 23, 2013 decision was made for the Bochnia mine to enter this prestigious list.
Offers in the object
  • Inhalation cure rest

    Inhalation cure rest – an ideal getaway for allergy sufferers and asthmatics

  • Respiratory Tract Rehabilitation Cure Rest

  • Weekend with a salt mine


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